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This creates a significant barrier in evidence-based decision-making by both health care managers and policy-makers.

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Bearing a voice streaked with the ravages of inner torment, this nomadic 64-year-old soul shouter — now based in a...

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There is no valid, peer-reviewed scientific evidence to support the claim that optimally fluoridated water interferes with the endocrine system, or increases the risk of impairment of brain function

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3,5 para el grupo tratado con placebo. Previously, women seeking abortion in the first trimester could

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now satisfied that we have an inspection regime and a re-engineered tunnel to make sure that risk has

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I'm on a low dose 50mg zoloft which takes the edge off

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If you’re busy, finding time to see the doctor just to get a prescription to deal with your heartburn or reflux can be a hassle.

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Another foreclosed home, though, has been overrun by drug dealers and squatters this summer, Sims said.

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While the in-stock wood selection was not quite as thick, the price quote on materials alone was 35% cheaper at just $7,100

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I would have been much better off just to have left my money in the money market fund